What is the right time to change your Car insurance Company?

What is the right time to change your Car insurance Company?

Every car owner in India has to buy a car insurance in order to drive his car. There are basically two types of car insurances provided in India, Comprehensive and Third-party car insurance. The-third party car insurance offers complete coverage of the vehicle in times of accidents. Here, the insurance company covers the expense for the damage on the vehicle.

The Comprehensive Car insurance, on the other hand, covers the full damage of the car, the driver and all the passengers involved in the accident.

If you are planning to switch your car insurance to another company, you should, firstly go through the key points below.

When to Switch your Car Insurance Company?
It is suggested that car owners change their car insurance company every two-three years. If you do not want to switch your insurance company frequently, it is suggested that you keep an eye on the insurance plans at least and switch to a better one if you please.

Go through the key points to help you know when to make a switch.

Rise in Premium Rates
Buying a car insurance in India is a very easy task. Many times, insurance buyers have no knowledge of how to calculate the premium rates offered by the car insurance companies. These premium rates vary from person to person. It may happen that one person may be offered an insurance plan at a higher premium rate, while the other can be offered the same insurance plan at a comparatively lower rate. The insurance companies re-evaluate the policyholder’s profile and re-evaluates all the risks factors and then they have the authority to make changes in the premium policy rates accordingly. So, while renewing your car insurance policy, it is possible that you have to pay a higher insurance premium rate as compared to the first premium rate paid.

Insufficient Additional Damage Covers
There can be certain instances when the basic comprehensive car insurance does not cover all the risks that should be covered by the insurance policy. In order to provide the car owners the full-fledged coverage service, various car insurance companies offer various additional benefits and covers. Such additional add-on covers and benefits increase your insurance policy coverage. So, in case that the add-on cover offered by the car insurance company does not provide the full damage and accidental covers as per your expectations, you can switch your car insurance plan at any point you want.

Unreliable Customer Support Service

The biggest advantage of having a car insurance is that the care owners get instant support and help from the company at the time of the accident. So, if the car insurance company fails to provide efficient support at the time of the accident, it gets disappointing for the owners.

May it be an accidental damage cover, theft or some repair problem, the car insurance company ought to provide the instant help and customer support and the full insurance coverage. If you feel that your car insurance company is not providing you the most efficient damage covers, customer support and service in the hour of need, it is then the right time to switch your car insurance company.